Finding Keywords

Are you a new webmaster? And looking for a niche place in the Internet world? Or simply looking for a great rating among the search results of major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex or Baidu? In any case, you must indulge in finding keywords. Yes, by finding keywords, that are apt and according to your niche market, you will certainly be able to improvise on your search engine ranking.

The purpose of searching keywords is to find out the exact phrases that are requested by people in the searches carried in the major search engines. If your website has the relevant information about the most searched terms and keywords, your website would be rated higher by the major search engines. The entire process of improving search engine ranking for a website is a wide process and is called search engine optimization. Finding keywords is one of the most important parts of search engine optimization.

To start the keyword search for your website, make a list of the keywords related to your website. You can easily find the keywords by using online keyword services. One popular keyword service provider on the web is word tracker. Using word tracker tools and services, all you have to do is to type a keyword and wait for the list to appear on the computer screen. And you will you have a direct access to hundreds of keywords related to the keyword you have typed in the box.

For instance: your website is a website that review and promotes Web Hosting providers (like this). Type the word “hosting” and you will have all the top keywords related to it. The keywords will be something like: hosting providers, best hosting, hosting deals, hosting reviews and so on.

Now you have to select the relevant keywords for your website and avoid placing the irrelevant ones or missleading to irrelevant categories.

You have a number of keyword services and tools that can help you find the most searched keywords for your website. While you select the keyword with the help of these tools, you will also come to know how many number of times the keyword has been searched on the internet.

Let us go back to “hosting” example: suppose you select “best hosting”, you can also track the exact number of times “best hosting” has been searched on the internet. The number can be some thousand times. In case you choose “best hosting providers”, the number of searches can be less. So, you are suggested to select the keyword with a higher search count first.

Another tricky method of finding keywords is to keep an eye on your competitors. Look at the meta-tags of your competitors’ website. The meta-tags are a good source of significant keywords. You can also seek help from your customers regarding the keywords they use in their search.

Having a weblog page in your website is also helpful in tracking the keywords. Each weblog page has a link which shows the keywords being used to search your page. Once you have the right keywords in hand, you can hit the market with the most relevant and desired information on your website.

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